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44 Winnice Dziedzic

44 Winnice Dziedzic

44 Winnice Dziedzic

An idea of Polish wine

Welcome at 44 Dziedzic Vineyards. Welcome to try the original Polish wine!

The wine made not from blackcurrant, but from grapes, comes from proper vinification of grapes which grew in Pricarpathia region. Our wine was not made from imported concentrate, does not contain added alcohol, is not only bottled in Poland strange wine delivered in tanks from abroad, and it is not just a fruit liquor.

Wine 44 - the original Polish wine!

The concept was borned in Bordeaux durig a wine course, next to the best wines and wine masters. Initially a dream became an anecdote told among family members and friends. Nobody, despite my Father, really believed in the wine from Rzeszów countryside, especially if the wine was to be made by a “city girl with a handbag”. I am still not sure if the Polish wine makes any sense, but I like to help my dreams to become my real life, even if they seem to be  mission impossilbe.

Does Polish wine make sense? I am still not convinced, as it is only the beginning of my wine making adventure. But, I do believe, that by buying the wine from 44 Dziedzic Vineyards, you will help to prove, that in Poland everything is possible!

Monika Marta Dziedzic


Monika Dziedzic

I often hear the question -
why 44?

And isn’t it the most symbolic Polish number? I asked myself and I asked people around – what is the most symbolic Polish number – when I decided that that my wine will have the number name. So many people said: 44.

I do hope that the content of the 44 bottle will make you to fall in love with Polish wine of its unique tastes. The name is only to help to believe, that miracles used to happen.

BTW - "dziedzic" in Polish language means a sucessor - just like our wine.

Monika Dziedzic